Implementing a DevOps Culture at Self-Workspace?


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In this 21st Century, we who have careers in Software Engineering, mostly just come in and then we just realize when we're already maybe around 1 to 2 years working, we realize sometimes our work culture for our self-workspaces kinda sucks. Or maybe I can say to myself, sometimes I'm being lazy or maybe procrastinate for some task and sometimes I'm being burnout cause of my works. But how we can prevent this thing or maybe the most rational reason is how we control ourselves to make sure we are productive at work.

I'm working for 4 years in IT areas and mostly for this year and the previous year I have oversight myself at software development. I'm having an issue sometimes with how I control my time, and my courage to overcome myself on work. I'm thinking about how I'm trying to manage myself in a DevOps culture. Is it implemented even at the office we're already implementing it, but we're already out of that zone when we're done with that job.

I've got tips and also reminding myself how to take care of myself and implement DevOps Culture on Self-Workspace.

CALMS Framework at your implementation from DevOps is also worth it for yours.

I know, this one is actually for you all who read my articles here think

Why do you think CALMS can be implemented in our self-workspace, it just make us difficult on work?

Well, sometimes not so many of us could implement Agile work culture, but its kinda worth it for me to make sure we're on track and preventing procrastination, this process could work well if you reminded, you know what CALM is :

  1. Culture

    We could make our own culture for our work, so to make sure we're on track, it's not only about being fast or slow. It's just made ourself to being in the habit for the start of the time in morning or maybe in the middle of noon

  2. Automate

    Automate everything if we can't do something on many tasks. Sometimes what I need to do, I just need to code for something that I can't achieve OR the thing we just do every single day, and we're trying to achieve with manual things, we could try it when we start.

  3. Lean

    If you know something about 'lean', this culture is the most thing to do when we're wanted to make sure to be fast in our development workspace, also when we're facing failure, we embrace it and continuous improvement for our work.

  4. Measurement

    Well, it's not about only fast but also thinking about how to achieve the target that we wanted to. How we measure the blocking things on jobs, How we control the push and refactor code or etc. and many things. It's about how we overcome the management of our tasks.

  5. Sharing

    For this one, we could ask for some feedback from asking the opinion to our colleagues, our professors, or maybe our friends who also have the experience. The thing is, what we wanted is to take and give for the development of our self-workspaces.

I know this articles it still need some improvement, if you have any thoughts about my writing, get some thoughts on the comment, we can have a good sharing for this. See ya!